Meter Repair and Replacement

This project endeavors to maintain all meters and components through timely replacements to ensure continued accuracy in readings and billing.

March 2020 - Cycle Four has been completely converted and in full operation. The second tower (Blue Grass Tower) is expected to be activated to read (Cycle Four) on 03/16/20. The FY20 orders for the MXU and 5/8" registers (for Cycle Two & Cycle Three) continued to be received for installation and conversion. City-wide conversion is 86% completed.

February 2020 - Marcelin is out of office but it is confirmed that this project still continues as scheduleed. More specific updates will be provided in March.

January 2020 - As of 1/14/2020, staff has ordered 3,200 MXU and 1,000-5/8" registers for FY20. Materials are scheduled to be delivered in four shipments. The electrical work at the Blue Grass tower is complete included all electrical inspections. Broward County has requested information on the contractor that will be installing the antenna at Blue Grass tower. Staff has reached out to Sensus to provide the requested information and for a date for the installation of the antenna.

December 2019 - As of 12/10/2019 PO has been issued to City sole source vendor for FY20 purchases. FY20 purchases will include 3,000 MXU and 1,000 5/8 registers. Electrical work at the Blue Grass has been completed. Waiting on FPL to install electric meter. Staff contacted Sensus for a schedule date for the installation of the omni antenna at the Blue Grass Tower.

November 2019- As of 11/12/2019, Staff has converted 100% of Cycle one to fixed base. Staff is able to review data intervals from Sensus Analytics, view no reads live etc. Commission approved FY20 purchase with City sole source vendor on October 16, 2019 in an amount not exceed $419,000. Staff has prepared FY20 requisition and waiting for funds to roll over from FY19 to enter the requisition. FY20 funds will see the installation of the second tower at Vizcaya (Blue Grass Tower), conversion of Cycles two and three and purchase of meters and associated parts.

October 2019 - As of 10/7/2019, Staff has converted 99% of Cycle one to fixed base. Agenda Item for FY20 has been prepared and loaded for Commission meeting for the 16th of October. Staff is processing requisition for FY20. Requisition for Electrical work to install the base station at Vizcaya will be resubmitted. All materials received have been installed. 

September 2019 - As of 9/5/2019, Staff continues to install MXUs in cycle one to complete conversion to fixed base. 97% of cycle one has been converted. Staff continues to work on the agenda item for FY20. To date staff received 2260 5/8" registers and installed 1,514 of the received registers. Staff is processing the PO for the electrical work at Vizcaya Blue Grass tower to provide power to the base station. 

August 2019 - Settlement to V-Engineering claim has been reached and paid for. This is related to construction delay claims by the Contractor and liquidated damages by the City. Contractor complete remaining punch list items before the project closeout and all retainage payments released.

July 2019 - Proposed settlement is being reviewed by the City legal. CES is compiling closeout documents to submit to Broward County.

June 2019 - As of 6/6/2019, Staff has received 700 5/8" registers, 800 single MXUs and 1000 MXUs. Another of 750 5/8" registers and 100 5/8" meters have been placed with City sole source vendor (Sensus). Staff has installed approximately 90% of the 700 registers 5/8" previously ordered. 15% of the single MXUs received has been istalled and approximately 20% of the double MXUs installed. UB staff continues to monitor the data being transmitted through the Fixed base network. So far all is going well.

May 2019 - As of 5/2/2019, the following items were ordered from City sole source vendor (Sensus) 700 regiters,800 single MXUs, 1,000 MXUs. 30% of the purchased registers have been installed. Staff are still waiting for the delivery of the MXUs ordered. As per UB staff, the VFLEX file issues have been corected.

April 2019 - As of 4/1/2019 staff has processed the FY19 order of material. Staff will continue the conversion in Cycle 1 and will include Cycle 2 once the materials are received.UB staff to schedule training session with Sensus once some of the issues with the VFLEX files have been corrected. 

March 2019 - As of 2/28/2019, Commission approved the FY2019 purchase with City sole source vendor (Sensus) on February 20, 2019; the FY2019 purchase includes water meters and meter parts, not to exceed $250,000. Staff is processing the purchase requisition. Staf have converted 74% of Cycle to VGB. The base station installed at the East Water Water Tower tank was commissioned on January 16, 2019 and data have been collected through the Fixed base. To date 90% of the converted meters in Cycle 1 have transmitted data through the Fixed base.

February 2019 - As of 2/5/2019, Staff prepared the agenda item for commission meeting on February 20th. On January 24th, 2019 Sensus had a conference call meeeting with UB team and Utilities staff to update on Sensus analytics integration. Readings are being captured through the Base Station. All meterial purchased have been installed to date.To date, 70% of Cycle 1 has been converted. Staff will continue with this effort to completion.

January 2019 - As 12/26/2018 staff installed 100% of the 650 registers purchased and 95% of the 1,000 MXUs purchased. 65% of Cycle 1 has been converted to date. Plan for FY19 is being finalized. The modem for the base station at the East Water Tower has been activated, port forwarding by the vendor and returned to City. Staff is waiting on the vendor to provide a schedule date to commision the Base Station at the East Water Tower. Staff is preparing the agenda for FY19.

December 2018 - As of 11/28/2018 staff has installed 99% of the 650 registers purchased and 85% of the 1,000 MXUs purchased. Staff will continue with the installation of the materials to completion. 58% of Cycle 1 has been converted to date. Plan for FY19 still being developed. Staff has purchased the SIM card to activate the modem. Waiting on delivery of the SIM card, once the SIM card is installed, the vendor will port forwarding the modem and threreafter provide a schedule date to commision the Base station. Joint Use Agreement for Vizcaya is at Admin's level.

November 2018 - As of 10/31/2015, staff has installed 96% of the 650 registers purchased and 40% of the 1,000 MXUs purchased. Staff will continue with the installation of the materials to completion. Staff is still working on the conversion of Cycle 1 for the AMI pilot. To date 52% converted in cycle1. Staff is still outlining the plan for FY19. Base station and all related appurtenance have been installed at the East Water Tower. Vendor will provide a schedule to commission the base station. In the interim, staff is in the process to establish internet access to the base station through the modem previously purchased. No updates to offer on the Joint Use Agreement with Broward that has been with Admin. for review.

October 2018 - As of 10/1/2018, staff has installed 24% or 155 registers,46 MXUs. Staff is currently working to convert Cycle 1 for the AMI pilot program since the Joint Agreement is still pending. No updates to offer on the Joint Agreement. Staff is outlining the plan for FY 19 improvements.