City Code & Land Development Code

The City Code and Land Development Code (LDC) are available at MuniCode, an external website. Please keep in mind:
  • The information is easily accessible, up-to-date, and official.
  • A resolution is the statement of official opinion or will. An ordinance implements or changes the law.
  • A resolution or ordinance may be proposed by either the administration (the City Manager and staff) or by the Mayor or one of the Commissioners. They are both passed by a majority vote of the Commission; however, an ordinance must be voted upon on 2 separate occasions before taking effect.
  • The City of Miramar LDC replaced the City's zoning ordinance in January of 1996.
  • It is a living document subject to revision from time to time. Because the entire LDC is a very large document and could take a considerable time to download to your computer, it has been divided into sections by chapter.
  • To view a chapter, click on the underlined link and you will see only that chapter. With this format, you no longer need to download the entire LDC to view a single chapter.