Windows to Our World


The Miramar Cultural Center ǀ ArtsPark’s (MCC) botanical garden’s public art exhibits have grown to include murals entitled ‘Windows To Our World’.  As the cultural facility of a diverse community, programming inclusive of art exhibits seeks to provoke, provide insight, educate and entertain guests in what having the ARTS as a LIFESTYLE component is, when choosing to LIVE, WORK or PLAY in the City of Miramar. ‘

Windows To Our World’ utilizes the building’s architectural cathedral indentations shaped like windows to open guests to several themes - Hispanic Heritage, Black History, Earth Month and Caribbean Heritage.  These themes will continue work already being designed for programming of the facility’s Ansin Family Art Gallery.  More intuitively, their perfect framing provides artists with the ability to utilize the building as a CANVAS when interpreting their work both literally and figuratively.  Artists are afforded the unique opportunity to teach the arts through their window; by painting an introspective piece or one in which evokes important components of the theme in the world.  

2021 Mural Artists:

Hispanic Heritage Artist: "GRABSTER" Marcus Borges

Social Media:   @grabster

Mural title: Feathers Over Fire

Artist statement: Feathers Over Fire is a celebration of my heritage and birthplace of Brazil. The blue, yellow, and green macaw represents a people and ecosystem determined to survive despite challenges of deforestation and the burning of the South American rainforests. Corporate production of large-scale crops and mining developments puts the lives of the indigenous people and millions of ecologically diverse animals at risk of extinction. In this depiction of the iconic Brazilian macaw, I hope to preserve the heritage and strength of the indigenous people, honor my Native ancestors, and raise awareness of the importance of protecting the Amazon, a sacred wonder of the natural world.


Black History Artist: "AAKABO" Aaron Bodden

Social Media: Instagram @AAKABO

Mural title: Monarchs

Artist Statement:  The Black clenched fist held skyward is the universal symbol for the Black Movement.  The hallmark image representing the struggle to stay strong as we inch toward a nation comprised of equals. 




Earth Month Artist:  Yuhmi Collective

Social media:  @yuhmicollective  @ela.nebula

Mural title: Supernatural

Artist Statement:  Be a Supernatural Pollinator, feeding the biosphere through its natural heritage like a tree.  Encouraging a balance with our modern cultures to connect and engage with our community and it's natural traditions.  Blooming gratitude trees for the food we eat and the air we breathe.  Imagine planting a million of these.



Caribbean Heritage Artist: ‘HAYZE’ Andrew Hayes

Social media:  @thehayzebrand

Mural title: Eartha

Artist Statement: Every work of art has a story and this one is about Eartha, or mother earth who heals herself in the cool waters of the Caribbean sun.  She refreshes herself this way because of the many trials she has to overcome from humanity.  But this is her happy place, her refuge, a safe haven which shares the infinite beauty in nature.  The balloons represent her stress melting away and the band aid to suggest that no pain too great to overcome.  She is resilient personified much like the spirit of the Caribbean, and its people.