Engineering Services


To implement and support administration of infrastructure, City owned facilities, interdepartmental capital improvements and public/private development, through technology and sound engineering principles; and provide a high level of sustainable customer service to the residents and businesses established in the City of Miramar.  


The primary goal of Engineering Services is to promote a high quality of life for the City of Miramar residents and businesses by providing well planned cost-effective infrastructure, water and wastewater utilities, and services. Following are the primary functions and duties of Engineering Services:

Establishment of design & construction standards for roadways, drainage, water, sanitarysewer, and reclaimed water systems to serve both private and public development projects.  

Planning, budgeting and management of the design & construction of various infrastructure
related capital improvement projects.  

Traffic engineering planning for present and future roadways within the City, and coordination with MPO and FDOT.  

Coordinate with Broward County Traffic Engineering Division for all traffic studies and
repair/restoration of all traffic control devices.
Review DRC and final engineering plans for all roadways and development projects –  both private and City owned.  

Negotiates and enter into various developer agreements.

Issues construction permits and conducts daily construction inspection services.

Project close-out including acceptance of public roadway improvements and utilities along with easements & bonds.

Collects various fees for services such as plan review, permit issuance, impact fees for water and wastewater and park impact fees.

Reviews plans, issue permits and conducts inspection services for all utility rights-of- way use applications by private utility and telecommunications service providers.

Apply for various grants from MPO, State and Federal level for various types of infrastructure projects. 



Engineering Services is staffed by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals headed by City Engineer, Bissy Vempala and supported by engineers, engineering inspectors, Project Manager and administrative staff who fulfill Engineering Services’ mission.