Code Compliance Commonly Asked Questions

1.How do I make a complaint to code compliance to investigate?

You can report property maintenance concerns by phone, email, or online.

2.I reported a violation many days ago. Nothing on the property has changed. Why doesn’t the city do something?
  • Code Compliance is a legal process that follows the provisions of Florida State Statute 162. Code Compliance receives and takes all complaints seriously. We are a compassionate city and it is not uncommon for it to take some time to obtain compliance from property owners. Properties are alleged to be in violation and must be given adequate time to correct the violation.
3.I just found out there is a code compliance lien against my property. How do I get the lien released?
  • Once the property is in compliance, the fines can be reduced and the lien, if applicable, released. Compliance is the key. Call 954-602-3174 for more information.
4.What is the role of the Code Compliance Officer and the Special Magistrate?
  • Code Compliance Officers patrols the city for code violations and investigates complaints received from the community. After a Code Compliance Officer observes a violation and discovers it has not been corrected, a hearing is scheduled. The special magistrate listens to testimony and evidence, and determines if a property is in violation. A property owner found in violation is given a specific period of time to correct the violation. Fines can accrue daily and liens can be filed against the property as well.
5.I have a food truck or other commercial vehicle. Am I allowed to keep it at my home?
  • Commercial vehicles such as  food trucks, lawn care trailers, or pool cleaning services, are not permitted to be stored on residentially zoned properties.
6.I have a home-based business. Am I allowed to advertise my business?
  • Home-based businesses are not permitted to advertise the business, receive customers, or keep commercial vehicles on the property. Home-based business owners are required to obtain a business tax receipt from the city as well as other licensing agencies as applicable. Call 954-602-3040 or 954-602-3061 for more information.
7.Are there any bulk trash restrictions?
  • Bulk trash shall be placed at the curb in a manner that does not impede the roadway or cause damage to cars, mailboxes, trees, or light poles when collected.
  • Trash and recycle cans are to be stored out of public view.
  • Trash and recycle cans are to be removed from the curb after collection.
8.My neighbor’s tree is hanging over my fence. Will code compliance require my neighbor to trim it?
  • This is a civil matter. We recommend that you speak with your neighbor directly to resolve this issue. 
9.Are there any dog or livestock restrictions?
  • Dogs must be contained to the property where they live, unless under direct supervision by its owner, when in public.
  • All dogs must always be leashed when in public and shall not be allowed to defecate on another’s property.
  • Only three domestic animals allowed per household.
  • Livestock, such as chickens and roosters, are only allowed on residential properties zoned as agricultural.
10.What does the city require for swimming pool maintenance?
  • Pools must be secured with a fence that has a self-closing latch, to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Pools must be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent mosquito breading and other sanitary nuisances.