Discolored Water

There are a number of causes for water discoloration:
  • Check any filters or purifiers in your home.
  • Fire Hydrant flushing in your area. Although, we try our best to control the direction of the flushing we sometimes may experience discolored  tap water. For example , discolored water maybe seen as brown, yellow or rust in color. Hydrant flushing is the best method to prevent water quality problems, as it removes any sediment that may be present in the pipes. The discolored condition usually clears up in thirty minutes or so. Temporarily stop using the water for a few minutes, as this may bring in more discolored water. If the situation persists please the 24 hour helpline at 954-602-HELP(4357).
  • To flush your system out, (disconnect your garden hose, temporarily ) open your garden hose valve and flush for a few minutes.