Advisory Boards/Committees

List of Upcoming Board Vacancies

Affordable Housing Advisory Committee:

  • Advocate for low income persons (1 vacancy)
  • Not-for-profit provider (1 vacancy)
  • For-profit provider (1 vacancy)

Blasting Citizen Advisory Committee:

  • Country Club Ranches Resident (1 vacancy)
  • Huntington Resident - (1 vacancy)
  • Miramar Business Owner - (1 vacancy)
  • Miramar Resident - (2 vacancies)
  • Nautica Resident - (1 vacancy)
  • Riviera Isles - (1 vacancy)
  • Sunset Falls - (1 vacancy)
  • Sunset Lakes - (1 vacancy)

Civil Service Board:  (1 vacancy) 

Economic Development Advisory Board:  

  • Miramar Resident - (2 vacancies) 
  • Minority Owned Business - (1 vacancy)

Education Advisory Board:

  • College/University (1 vacancy)
  • Everglades High School Innovation Zone (1 vacancy)
  • Private/Charter School (1 vacancy)

Firefighters' Pension Board:  ( 1 vacancy)

Historic Miramar Advisory Board:

  • Historic Miramar Resident - (5 vacancies)
  • Non-Historic Miramar Resident - (1 vacancy)
  • Historic Miramar Business Owner - (1 vacancy)

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board: (2 vacancies)

Police Pension Board: (2 vacancies)

Miramar Seeks Board/Committee Volunteers

The City of Miramar invites you to get involved in the decision making process on matters relating to our community by volunteering to serve on a Board and/or Committee. Members of Boards and Committees are appointed by the City Commission to meet, research, report their findings and make recommendations to the City Commission as required.

Composition of a Board

Each board is composed of appointed members who volunteer their services, along with staff liaisons. Each board has a stated purpose and is a link between the residents and the elected officials. The composition of each board varies and is dictated by the respective Ordinance.

Becoming a Board Member

Membership to boards is dictated by the respective Ordinance. However, interested parties must be a U.S. citizen and registered voter. All board appointments are made during the second meeting in May of each year; with the exception of the Teen Council Advisory Board. If you fit the criteria, please complete the electronic Advisory Board Application for the Commission’s consideration. Advisory Board applications will be kept on file for one year; after its expiration, re-submission of a new application will be required.