Unidentified Remains

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April 17, 1981
Children discovered the skeletal remains of what is believed to be a white male, mid 20s to early 30s in age. The victim was approximately 5-foot 7 inches tall and had an average build. He was found wearing a green shirt with printed flowers, green Levi corduroy pants and brown shoes. (Case #: 81-04-00865)

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August 19, 1984
Human skeletal remains were in the 17900 block of Bass Creek Road. The victim was approximately 40 years old. The victim was wearing a silver ring. (Case #: 84-08-01145)

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October 28, 1990
The body of a 25-35 year old black female was found in a canal adjacent to Flamingo Road and 200 feet south of Bass Creek Road. The black female was approximately 20-30 years old.(Case #: 90-10-02291)

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Unidentified Remains Chain Necklace
March 31, 1982
A backhoe operator dug up a skeleton of a white male, estimated to be approximately 30 years old. The skeleton was dressed in Sears King of the Road 38” men’s pants. The victim’s hair appeared to be light brown or blonde in color. Two gold chains were found at the scene. (Case #: 82-03-01932)

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Unidentified Remains - Case #05-01-04968
January 24, 2005
A resident walking in the area of the 6500 block of Pembroke Road noticed a deceased black female lying near numerous trash bags. The unidentified female is approximately 35-40 years of age, 5-foot 4 inches tall and weighed 135 pounds. She has brown eyes and black hair. (Case #: 05-01-04968).

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