What is the vision for the city's Town Center site?
The Miramar Town Center was designed as a pedestrian friendly Traditional Neighborhood with a mixture of uses. Within the civic complex area, it contains City Hall, the Cultural Center ArtsPark, and the Miramar Library-Education Center, which includes a Broward County Community Library and satellite campuses for Broward College and Nova-Southeastern University. A Miramar Police Headquarters was completed in late 2016. The project also contains privately operated retail, office and residential components.

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1. What is the vision for the city's Town Center site?
2. How do I get more detailed information about the Town Center?
3. Who do I contact for retail leasing?
4. Who do I contact for office leasing?
5. Who can I contact about residential leasing?
6. What is the total acreage of the Town Center?
7. What types of residential units are available for leasing and how many are there?
8. What mix of commericial uses will be available?
9. How will neighboring residential properties be protected?